Three Cats and One Dog. Amongst Other Things!

Last year, along with the seaside, the boats and a few fields full of poppies, Grace the Border Collie and our three cats Zebra, Ginger and Bertie all served as subjects for my paintings.

In a way the cats are an easy target because they're always there,wanting to be with you, a living creature to breath life into a domestic scene or a full stop in the garden.

Of course I've had plenty of practice drawing them,although
like the humans I know as soon as you put pencil to paper they move. Could be the scratching sound, but I've learnt to be quick.

Sadly Zebra died last year. A life of debauchery and one too many fights!

This is my favourite painting of Zebra.

Afternoon Sleep. Mary Kemp.
Oil on canvas panel. 40 x 40 cm.

The challenge this year is to incorporate Bertie into an artwork or two. She's sparkling white ( yes Bertie's a girl. We just didn't realise until it was too late) so there are challenges with getting a white form to stand out, and of course she doesn't sit still very often either.

Bertie, resting
 before her next modelling job
And then there is Grace, the border collie, The much loved member of my son's family. She's a real character. In case you hadn't noticed she's featured a lot in my paintings and I'm sure will star in a good many more.

. Grace the Border Collie Encounters a Wave.Mary Kemp
Oil on Canvas panel. 40 x 40 cm.

And here she is again!

I have a head full of ideas for the coming months. There's a few cats and dogs amongst them, but also a lot of seaside and landscapes.

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Thank you for looking !


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