Moving the Artwork About. 8 Things You Need To Do First.

Yesterday I spent the day moving artwork around, getting it to two of my favourite galleries.
Art in The Heart in Peterborough and Haddenham Galleries, Cambridgeshire.
Border Collie Grace Surrounded by Foxgloves.
On the way to Haddenham Gallery

The day dawned cold and dull, snow promised but only a bit of sleet and ice on the puddles. Just the sort of day for doing something definite and planned. It wasn't a self starter sort of day, rather a stay in the warm sort of day, so I was very glad that this mini road trip was already arranged.
 And after visiting the galleries we had a visit to the supermarket to look forward to!

While I was sitting in the car on the way to our first destination, being driven by my heroic husband, super roadie and ace picture framer I got to thinking about all the things I needed to do before I even get to this point, and of course being me worrying about what I hadn't done.

So here's a little list that you might find useful :

8 things you need to do before you move the artwork about.

1.Create the artwork. Sounds silly I know but you've got to have created something and have a consistent body of work.

2. Find your gallery. Not an easy one this. There are whole books, blogs and conversations on the subject. Have a look at  Starving to Successful Artist by J Jason Horejs.

3. Once you've got your gallery agree on the artwork. And make sure it is good!

4. Agree and understand terms and conditions including  commission charged.

5. Work out a time to deliver. Be realistic and it's only professional to keep to it, and if something happens to prevent you turning up let them know. Galleries like reliable artists. They might ask you back again.

5. Frame your artwork so that it looks fantastic, professional and irresistible!

6. Label each piece with your name, title and medium. Put your contact details on the back of each work. Some galleries might not want that and so you must respect them, but unless they say so the easier for people to contact you the better.
Mary Kemp.
Blakeney Harbour in the Evening.
Soon to be seen at Art in the Heart, Peterborough.

7. List work including retail price on two separate sheets of paper which will include your contact details. When you've delivered your work get the gallery to sign one sheet for your records and leave the other one with them. Also leave with them some publicity material, business cards or a flyer. Not everyone will display these but some may.

8. Wrap each work for transportation and storage. Cardboard corners and bubble wrap. Not everyone is as careful as you with your precious paintings!

So this is what I was worrying about driving though the bleak winter landscape of the Fens on my way to the first stop, and do you know what, I'd forgotten to include the labels for the wall that I said I would provide for the second venue.

But all in all it's been a successful day moving the artwork about !

Today I shall paint.


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