The Seven Things I Really, Really Want For Christmas.

I'm a pretty contented sort of person. I take life as it comes if you know what I mean. But every so often I go off into a little daydream and my latest day dream involved what I'd really like for Christmas. I expect you do pretty similar. I wonder if it's anything like mine.

1. Top of the List. (the big money item) A new studio, the bigger the better, clean white walls, daylight lighting, running water, heating and fresh air. Some where to make a cup of tea, and a comfy sofa, and a fabulous view over a peaceful valley. And equipped with several sturdy easels and loads of fresh white canvases, brushes and paints. Does this sound desirable?
Nothing really wrong with this except it's too small.
It wasn't when I first started using it!

2. A studio assistant. To clean my brushes and palette and make me cups of tea. I think that's a bit selfish in truth, but it was enjoyable when I went on a course with Martin Kinnear in Norfolk and while we went for lunch our palettes were cleaned for us. Even the colours were set out all tidily and sequentially for the next session!
3. An adoring public. OK, dream on! But I would like discerning collectors to flock to my door, or just contact me via my website.  ( My studio assistant can organise that side of things. )

4. A lot of chocolate. Milk chocolate, the stuff that has no health benefits what so ever.

5. A pencil sharpener with a handle. Like we had at school and everyone went up to the teacher's desk to use it.

6. And while we're talking of pencils a big tub of 2B pencils, so I can use them for everything from shopping lists to great works of art.

7. Oh, and of course, A brand new Apple Mac with a beautiful keyboard and clear as a bell screen.
What will be under your Christmas tree?


  1. Just found your blog through EmptyEasel! Your Christmas list sounds wonderful! At the moment I have a very small studio which is actually just the spare room, but I love it because it's my own space to be creative. It also has a great view and all my lovely succulent plants so it has a really good, light, airy, fresh feel to it. However I wouldn't say no to the studio you have described! Nor to the chocolate, the 2B pencils and adoring public haha. For me I would mainly like an epiphany for Christmas, to help me know which path to take after some confusion in recent months over which design area to focus on. That and a really massive corkboard I would like to put up on the wall for all my ideas and inspiration :)

  2. Thanks for your comments Kate. It's a good start having somewhere that's exclusively yours, and lots of plants somehow helps. Have you read "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron ? I found it a great help in clarifying my own thoughts.Best wishes for Christmas.


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