Painting and Drawing Boats.

I paint a lot of boats, not being sure why they hold such an attraction for me.
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A boat in Galicia.
I'm rubbish on the water, in fact I'm downright scared of it, so I don't often actually go on boats very often, especially the sort that are nice to paint and draw, small and a bit ragged at the edges.
Bit ragged at the edges!
One of my favourite occupations is sitting on the harbour wall, watching the world go by and doing the odd sketch or two.
The shape of a boat is difficult to get to grips with because although the left and right are usually the same back and front are so individual.

There's loads of books on the subject and here's two really useful bits of advice.
  1. Draw a box and then draw the boat to fit in .
  2. The body of a boat is a figure 8.
But there's nothing that beats old fashioned observation, measuring with a pencil and working  away until you get it right and it looks solid and real.

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When  I get home to the studio after a sketching session I paint what I have seen, aided by the sketches, and relive the moment again.

 Bright winter day on the Norfolk coast. They sailed away before I could do more than a few hurried drawings, but I took photos.

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This boat on Bancaster salt marshes
has been there for years and I've
painted it many times. I love all the rust!
I'm looking forward to next year for many happy hours with a sketchbook by the sea.


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