Five Golden Guidelines For Busy Artists.

Well you know how it is.
Not enough hours in the day.
Too many ideas fizzing in your brain.
Too much domestic stuff to do.
And you're tired......

I hold my hands up right now in that I pinched this idea for some golden guidelines from the wonderful Katherine Tyrrell at Making a Mark, In fact she actively encouraged it with her blog post of the ten golden rules for every busy artist.

But I've written just five guidelines for us

  1. Most important. Be selfish. Everyone else is in their own way. Creating art is not a hobby. For many of us it is a job, and each thought, each doodle is training.
  2. Work to your own bio rhythm. I could no  more paint at night than I could fly to the moon. My best time is morning and I don't let anything get in the way of my 8 am  to 1 pm routine (not usually anyway).
  3. Never wear your best clothes to paint in. I don't have to tell you why.
  4. Be tidy. It saves time in the end. ( So my beloved says)
  5. Cherish your loved ones. Fame, fortune, a fabulous colour combo, the sweetest line in the world, is absolutely nothing without them.
And here's the link to Katherine's blog
 Ten Golden Rules For Busy Artists.

Hope you find all this useful.


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