4 Really Good Art Blogs.

I am going to tell you about 4 of the best, most informative and colourful art blogs I've come across in my travels in cyberspace.
And if you have a favourite blog I'd like to hear about that too.

Mary Kemp. Brancaster. Detail.
When I first started writing my own art blog I hadn't much idea of  what form it should take.

I got a blogger template, and found a name sort of was ok and described what I wanted to write about. THEARTISTSDAY. It has presence!
I read about SEO, and the seven things ( at least) you ought to do to make a great blog post.  I'm afraid I haven't stuck to that very well.

And the best thing was researching other blogs. They have become old friends!

So here are a few dear to my heart.

Mary Kemp. Detail. Druridge Bay.
Mary Kemp. Sunset. Detail
My very favourite is Making a Mark, lots of info, current goings on exhibition wise and materials wise. Katherine Tyrrell really drew me in with a weekly Who painted This? which sadly is having a rest at the moment. But I still read this blog avidly and think of it as the gold standard!
Next is Alyson Stanfield's Art Biz Blog. What a feisty women she is and how knowledgeable about all things arty and business related. While researching this post I've just wiled away a good 20 minutes browsing her advice. If I followed half what she says I'd be a lot richer. Ho hum!
I like the Empty Easel blog too. Lots more information there.
And what about Lines and Colours? which always has the most delicious eye candy.
I hope you look at these lovely blogs, and perhaps take time to share with me some others.


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