Pre Website Procrastination.

I had planned to put the finishing touches to my website first thing on Wednesday, but the day dawned with such promise, the autumn air soft and bright , that the only thing to do was to get out in the garden and do some pre winter tidying up.

My not so old plum tree was full of mummified plums this year - not nice- so I knew it was time for drastic measures. Apparently there are no domestic chemicals that will cure what is known as brown rot so it was time for good old fashioned garden hygiene.

It seemed sacrilege to hack away at the old  tree and get rid of all it's contorted character, but it had to be done.

Because it stood just outside the studio window I've drawn it many times, mostly in the winter.
Mary Kemp. Plum tree in winter.
Pen on cartridge paper.
You can see it's very twisty.
And this is it now.
Not much left.
So afterwards I got on with the website.


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