Back in the Studio

Oh it's great to be back to the old routine.
Somehow even though we have no children to look after summer seems to have been taken up with, well, summer.
On the plus side, I have gathered so much material that in my head there are a zillion paintings all waiting to burst onto the canvas.

So here I am on the first one, a careful study of my lovely, unproductive (at the moment) greenhouse.

Colour rubbed in the background ,
 a small drawing to help me on the way.

This is a painting that took a lot of planning, and drawing out before I got to putting brush to support, but in a way this is easier than a quicker, spontaneous work, because most of the decisions have been made before you start painting. So I have a few days ahead, blissfully laying on scrumptious oil paint.
I've started painting!

Pity about the domestic chores......


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