Art by the Seaside.

 Summer has been taken up with quite a few visits to the seaside.
There seems to be an invisible cord that pulls me towards waves and sand.
I walk on the beach, I poke about in seaside towns, what more could you ask of life?
I suppose at some stage I ought to knuckle down and do some real work, but until then here are a few works of art I've seen at the seaside.

Clock, Southwold Pier.
Beach Hut , Southwold.

Seaweed, Northumberland.

Mural, Southwold Pier.
I think this is George Orwell.

More Beach Huts.

Collaboration on artwork
between oldest and
youngest family members. 

Mural, Hunstanton Car park.
Just looking at these pictures gives me a lift. Can't wait until the next time!
But right now, back to work.


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