What To Do in Northumberland. Newbigging By the Sea Art Trail.

Oh we've been on holiday. In the glorious north east, in Geordie land where everyone speaks with a beautiful rich sing song accent and the wind blows like billio. Big skies, loads of castles, Hadrian's Wall and Beamish Museum. We had a great time and now I'm ready for a rest, but my mind is so full of what I've seen I might just have to get down to work pretty sharpish.

"Couple" by Sean Henry 20007.
While we were away, to humour me, my family took a detour into Newbiggin by the Sea to view a splendid off shore sculpture and see what other delights Newbiggin had to offer.

I hope Newbiggin won't be offended if I say how cold and
deserted it was on that August day. We walked along the front at 6 o'clock in the evening and were virtually the only people there. Nowhere to take a family to eat, but the sea view was breathtaking and the artwork in the town fascinating. It looks as though a lot of money has been spent in the town, much of it I read as part of the flood defences, but the English weather gives out doors art a rather dour aspect.

Half  life-size of the Couple Sculpture
by Sean Henry.
I took some photo's in the teeth of the wind, and when I got home tried to find some more info online. Here's the best I found, but I couldn't put many names to the pieces that I saw. Really I should have read all the labels!

 I loved these Puffins.

Dramatic lamp posts against the grey skies.

There is more to see, and I'm sure my visit was coloured (not quite the right phrase) by the bitingly cold weather.
I certainly wish there was more public art out there in the world, and Newbiggin is certainly taking a step in the right direction.


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