Peterborough Open Art Exhibition, 2014. A Personal View.

Before I say anything else I have to admit that I entered two paintings for this exhibition. One was accepted, one wasn't.  I was not a prize winner but I can take that on the chin.
Not everyone recognises my stellar talent!

The exhibition is on at Peterborough Museum until September 21st., 2014.
Click here for the link to the museum's site although there is nothing about the exhibition apart from dates and an invitation to take part even after the exhibition is well into it's run.
 ( Or am I missing something?)

It would have been nice to see the prize winners on the site.
First Prize went to photographs by Nisha Keshav, beautiful snow scenes of Holme Fen.

Nisha Keshav's three photographs.

The Two Runner Up Prizes went to Graham Ward, fabulous bright canvases of the Rockability Bus., and Peter Cley's "Babel in the Precincts" a very erudite collage.

The private view was held in the light and airy galleries of the museum which on that night belied their appearance because it was boiling hot! But apart from that it was a very agreeable event.

I liked the hanging of the exhibition. It was well spaced out giving each piece the room to shine . The galleries in the museum are an agreeable showcase for any art.

My favourite pieces:
  • Neil Westwood "Woolwich Power Station", a striking oil painting.
  • Sue Shields "Wanderlust" Cut paper and steel, huge and intricate and inexplainable.
  • Geri Waddington "Cabbage", lovely resin engraving.
  • Karen Harvey. "Untitled. Reading Room Series". A photograph of a doll in Wisbech museum. 
And my thoughts?
This was a fairly modern exhibition, not much room for traditional watercolours!
Roughly half were "painting and drawing". The other half was a mixture of multi media, sculpture, photographs, printing and one video.
But that's art for you, I suppose.


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