14 Things I Bought at Peterborough Artists Open Studios 2014.

One of the delights of opening up your studio for just one weekend  out of three of our Peterborough  open studios event  is that you have time to visit other artists.

We set aside last Saturday to do just that and what a lovely, enjoyable time we had of it!

Of course you never get round  as many as you think you will but we still manage three venues.

This is who we visited on our jaunt out and here is the haul I came home with.

Venue One : With Jerome Hunt and Liz Hunt and Pat Nieburg

We spent a long time here because Jerome and my beloved discovered a mutual love for French cars! need I say more?

While they were talking I bought

  • 2 fridge magnets
  • 1 beautiful hand made card in linen and stitching
  • 1 pair of earrings.

Venue Two: With Prue Pye , Sue Keen and Kathryn Parsons.

No one to talk cars with here but a lovely sunny garden.

I bought

  • 2 artists cards
  • 1 handbound note book.

Venue Three:  Embe Restaurant with  Mahemuda ArsalaniStacey-Ann Cole and Josie Kelly-Gobuiwang

I think we will have to investigate this restaurant further!

I bought

  • 2 artists cards.
  • 1 turquoise mosaic coaster
  • 2 more artists cards.

Peterborough Artist's Open Studios 2014.
And as a participant , and also as someone who just wanted an arty day out and some nice people to chat to I would like to say a big thank you to all those who behind the scenes made this event possible.


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