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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Painting the Sea.

I'm always experimenting when painting the sea. It has so many different guises, so many different moods that I'm at a loss as to how to depict it. Sometimes it's as much about how you feel as how it looks.
Here are just a few snippets from some of my paintings, with a bit of explanation.

Purple ground with cobalt blue and cerulean blue
 loosely brushed over. The foam is titanium white
with a touch of raw sienna and cadmium yellow,
very thickly applied.

Dark grey ground with cobalt blue and cerulean
blue scraped on. White, raw sienna and cadmium yellow
dabbed on.

Dark ground, textured cerulean and cobalt blue.
When thoroughly dry pale ultramarine violet and
white added with palette knife.

Cerulean blue, then cobalt blue added with a palette
knife, and when dry the pale cream mix, also
with a palette knife and fine brush.
Sap green on the caps of the waves
before any other colour added.

A pinky version.

Dark ultramarine violet and Venetian red ground
Other colour added with palette knife..

Quick on the hoof pen and coloured pencil drawing.

Alla prima, all in one go. There's green and yellow in there too.
Visit my website to see more paintings of the sea, or better still leave me a comment below about how you paint the sea.

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