You Don't Have to Visit an Art Gallery to Experience Art or The Girl at the Bus Station.

Sometimes life just serves up a nice little surprise, a little taster that says there's more to the daily grind than just getting by.
Art comes in many different guises, not much of it imprisoned in a frame in an art gallery.
I was waiting for the number 36 bus , in the bus station, surrounded by hoards of noisy school children and tired workers. It was raining and steamy and damply cool.
My brain kept saying "Cup of tea and biscuit., cup of tea and biscuit". I wanted to go home.
Then I saw this girl.
Now I'm not a man, so it wasn't like that, but I am a closet fashionista. 
I believe that all life is art, and some people generously make themselves the art and so it's there for us all to enjoy.
And the girl was waiting for the bus, in full make up, with a stylish black beret, tweed coat and mid calf skirt, so immaculate, and tights with seams down the back letting very tattooed legs show.
She was such an curiosity in the drab bus station. So I came home and drew this picture.
Mary Kemp. Girl at the Bus Station.
Digital drawing.
I hope you like it !


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