Three Things to Do Six Weeks Before Open Studios.

It's about six weeks to the start of our wonderful Peterborough Artists' Open Studios.
It's getting horribly close and this artist is getting both excited and worried, because after all it's a big thing opening up your studio to the paying public.
And here's three things you can do to get to opening day with a job well done and a sigh of relief.
1. Get together that list of people you're going to invite.
Do you know who they are?
Do they know who they are?
Have you given them information already that this is coming up?
Are they as excited about it as you are?
Have you planned what you're going to say in your call to action  invitation and do you know how you're going to deliver it? Via email? via snail mail?
2. Assemble your publicity material .
Posters? Directories/brochures. Your personal invitations. What about a banner?
Our Peterborough Open Studio Committee has produced some wonderful material this year which represents real value for the small fee we pay for being under their umbrella.
Check out this picture !
Banner and brochures.
There's postcards and a poster too !

3. Keep producing art!
That's why you're doing this. After all the whole idea of open studios is to show your artwork to the world, so you'd better have something to show!
Do you know what you want to share with your buying public?
Does it look good ? Do you know how much you will ask for it?
Does it show you as an artist at your best?
Does it represent the little snippet you put in the brochure?
Here's what I put in our brochure.
Mary Kemp. Half Term at Southwold.
Oil on canvas panel. 50 x 40 cms.
Best of luck everybody!
Click here to see Peterborough's 2014 open studios website.


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