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Friday, 18 April 2014

Mission. Find a Printer

Meet Steve, the friendly printer.

I've only just found Steve Meadwell, but when I asked around I discovered that Steve had been producing fine art prints for loads of my painting friends, so he seemed the obvious choice to handle my artwork.

I had decided  it was time to share some of my paintings as  really nice prints, not the ones you make at home which can be ok up to a point, but properly photographed and printed to archival quality type prints.
After all the best art deserves the best reproduction !

So here's my journey: 

  • Found a printer. Word of mouth, always the best way,  led me to Steve. Here's the link to his website
  • Removed my paintings from the frames. They are oil paintings on board.
  • Took them to his studio and told him what I wanted.
Here's what Steve did:

  • Photographed my paintings. They're too bumpy to be scanned.
  • Printed same size reproductions of each image as giclee prints, and also proofs of each image as greetings cards.
This is what he used for the giclee prints.

  • Epson Ultrachrome ink.
  • Pinnacle textured fine art paper 310gms
Pigment inks on acid free paper to archival standard.

If I ever become famous you'll have a well preserved print that your grandchildren can sell.

What I did next:

  • Collected my prints and paintings. Approved the set up for the cards.
  • A few days later picked up the cards.
  • Paid the money.
This whole process took only a week and they look fantastic.
Thank you Steve. !

Take a look at the  prints on my website

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