This Artist's Play List, or Music to Watch Paint Dry.

What do you listen to in the studio? And how does it help, or hinder your work?
Does music help the flow or does it slow you down?
I got to thinking on this subject and did a quick shufty through the cd's ( I'm an old fashioned sort of person)  on the shelf in my studio and these are some of my favourite tracks.

  • Music from the weird 1990's television series Twin Peaks composed by Angelo Badalamenti. This rich full sound settles your thoughts for the task ahead.

  • The Beatles, Rubber Soul, starting off with the invigorating "Drive My Car" and then "Norwegian Wood" and a favourite Beatles song "Girl".

  • Bertie, whose challenge in
    life is to get into my studio.
  • The Levellers. Levelling the Land. "There's Only One Way of Life and That's Your Own". Fists in the air, in full flow. It's definitely going well because there's only one way of life and that's to be an artist. ( Have I told you that before?)

  • Joan Baez Debut Album, my favourite track "Silver Dagger" for the purity and inspiration of her singing. 

  • Ladymith Black Mambazo The Best of The Star and Wiseman. I first heard this on a Heinz tomato soup advert and it always reminds me of tea time and the comforting safeness of being home for the day. How this helps  on a painting journey I don't know. But it gets played a lot.

  • American V1: Ain't No Grave, was Johnny Cash's final studio album recorded after the death of his wife June Carter and shortly before his own death. His voice has lost it's power but there is so much power in these songs of love and loss that has nothing to do with physical strength.
It was difficult narrowing  down to 6 tracks but in the end I came up with an ultimate artist's play list, the albums that keep me company though thick and thin, masterpieces and disasters. 
Do you have an ultimate play list? Does it help you produce better art? All thoughts welcome, so please make use of this lovely comments box below. 


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