Grace the Border Collie.

Meet Grace the Border Collie, sometime artist's model.

Grace a the Border Collie at the seaside.

This doggie bundle of dynamite is about two years old and shares a home with two adults, four children, a cat called Dizzy, two gerbils, one of which is called Donut,  two fluffy mice and several gold fish.
She likes:
Sleeping on the settee.
Long walks.
Doggie treats.
Drinking out of puddles.
Other dogs.
She hates:
Loud noises.
Grace and her owner.

Life was not always so good for Grace. She used to live with people who went out all day, leaving her alone and pining. She barked a lot and the neighbours complained.
Then Grace came to live with her present family who have a lot more time for her, including her in their lives and taking her for exhaustingly long walks.
Now she is happy.

When I go for walks with the family Grace charges about full of life and enthusiasm, livening up the landscape and the seascape.
(I tried to take some more photos of her at the weekend for this post but she was so very quick I only captured her tail. You're seeing pictures from the summer.)

It's no wonder this funny, affectionate, mad dog features so much in my paintings.
Mary Kemp. Grace the Border Collie at the Seaside.50 x 40 cms oil on canvas panel.
Mary Kemp. Falling Leaves. Click here.

Browse  my pictures of Grace on Etsy. Click here


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