Day Trip to York, and How We Visited the Shambles and Found a Lovely Art Shop

Our day trip to York was always going to be a shopping trip, a bit of gentle sightseeing but primarily the shops were calling us.

We wanted to see York, The Shambles, the Quilt Museum, any shops that were on our way, and have a fantastic lunch.

And as seasoned day trippers we achieved all of our aims.

Our first stop was the Quilt Museum , a brightly coloured spot on a dull day, except of course it wasn't too bright , because as we all know sunlight degrades fabric. However it didn't take long for our eyes to become acclimatised and we were treated to an exhibition called Cabin Fever of traditional log cabin designs mixed with some newer interpretations of the concept.

When you see something as beautiful and visually exciting as this you are left with the thought is it craft or is it art? The older designs particularly may have been conceived in a naive sort of way, but does that mean they are only craft and art comes later when you say "I'm going to create a work of art." And is it craft because usually only women practice it? 

Lunch at Le Langhe

This was our next stop, a long lazy lunch at a restaurant recommended by the lady in the tourist information bureau, and what a good recommendation it was. Authentic Italian food served with the air that life is all about long lunches and there isn't a cold blustery world outside.
The restaurant was called Le Langhe.

But the high light of my visit was the art shop we found in the Shambles. It's called The Art Shop and  is at 27 Shambles, York, but I couldn't find a website for it.

Which is a shame because it was chock full of all the sorts of things you want in an art shop, plus craft and sewing items. But the star of the show was the owner, a women with a formidable knowledge of her stock and who talked us through the state of manufacturing in China.
I bought two lovely palette knives , made in Italy, and will think of her when I use them.

Two new palette knives.

So this was the result of our day trip to York and the lovely art shop I found there.

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