Tidal Surge at Blakeney Norfolk Fails to Solve My Mystery.

The trip to Blakeney last weekend produced some unexpected pleasures, as well as some bracing walks and frozen finger tips.
Over the past few years I have painted, drawn and photographed a certain boat and speculated endlessly over it's history, who owns it and why did it's renovation stop.
I first saw it in 2007 and no work seems to have been done on it since then.

"My  Boat " at Blakeney, Norfolk. 2014

Mary Kemp - Rusting Boat. 30 x 30 cms

It looks a bit like the Marie Celeste in mid re-fit. 

Mary Kemp . Detail Rusting Boat 2.
I thought the tidal surge that smashed  into Blakeney in December last year might sweep it away. The waves breached much of the causeway and left huge scars in the marshes. The powers that be are out there with heavy equipment repairing the damage so I was delighted to see that "my boat" was still in tact.  It looked a little untidy but in essence there was no damage. Strong ropes kept it in place, but nothing seems to have been done to clear up the debris surrounding it.

If any one out there knows the story of this beautiful boat please leave me a comment and solve my mystery.


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