The New Revised Streamline Sketching Kit.

Streamlined drawing kit.

Spring is upon us and it's time to get out and about. I know I should be out drawing all weathers but I'm a bit of a fair weather sketcher.
We went down to Blakeney on the Norfolk coast at the weekend, and whilst it was still finger numbing cold despite the glorious sunshine, I managed to do a few sketches, line only, but I felt it was a beginning.
For this year I have revised my drawing kit yet again.
It's all done for lightness so the first thing I did was ditch two sketchbooks, keep the middle sized one and put everything in a rucksack. Pens and pencils are not very heavy , it's paper that weighs you down. The rucksack is also so much easier to deal with than a bag. It leaves your hands free when you're walking.
Photo Mary Kemp. Blakeney Sunset.
Of course it  all came to nothing when the sun went down and the sky was tsunamied with red and yellow and orange and florescent pink and my pens and pale coloured pencils were as nought and I was left just to gawp and soak it up, and take a few photos. Where are the oil paints when you need them?


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