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Monday, 3 March 2014

Perfect Conditions for Productive Painting.

If you call yourself a professional artist you must be prepared to produce art on a regular basis whatever the conditions.
But it's helpful to know which of your own conditions make that dedication to continuous work easier.
Mary Kemp. In the studio.
So here's my list. It may well be different to yours.

So Personal Conditions.
  • Not hungry or thirsty.
  • Not tired or hung over.
  • Not cross with any one.
  • Not expecting interruptions.
  • Not pre-occupied with what needs to be done outside the studio.
  • Focussed.
The Environment
  • Warm and draught free.
  • Good light.
  • All materials to hand.
  • Sound that you want. e.g. music, radio, the wind in the trees.
  • Plenty of room to move.
  • No interruptions.
And that is what happened on Sunday and I had seven glorious productive hours in the studio.
Any ideas of what else I might add to the list.?


  1. I think all of these conditions are great to have but its true, if you're a professional you will have to work at your art when all the conditions aren't right. Which is likely more often than when they are! :)

    You'll have to produce when you feel like crap, when you have no inspiration, when you are annoyed with others, when you're tired, when the phone keeps ringing, etc., etc.

    Ideal conditions in my studio seem to happen once in a blue moon, so flexibility is the key and the ability to shrug off annoyances, and just work when and as I can grab the time.

  2. I think it's focus, focus, focus. And sometimes for me it's easier to focus than others.