Spring Fair NEC. Two Finds.

We run a picture framing business and part of our annual routine is a visit to the Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham. This is a large trade show and picture framing  supplies are just a tiny part of it. For the retail trade, from John Lewis to the corner shop, it is a cornucopia of delight.
There are always several artists exhibiting and this year was no exception. Here I've singled out two of my favourite.
Two very different artists.
Kerry Darlington.
Tree of Life.
The first was Kerry Darlington, very showy and exuberant, lots of colour and gloss. Hit you right between the eyes.
Billed as "The UK's original 3D resin artist". In essence these are prints with 3D additions in a thick glossy resin. They were very striking and instantly drew you to them.
Jill Ray.
Walk on the Coast.
The second was Jill Ray of Jill Ray Landscapes. Her work couldn't be more different, quiet and restrained, peaceful to live with , a series of computer generated prints that look like watercolours. I loved the restraint and elegance of them.

I don't know which one I liked more. I suspect it depends on your mood at the time.


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