Rowing Boat, East Coast, a Slow Burning Picture.

Some pictures I complete very quickly. Other's take a little longer!
Copyright Mary Kemp.
Rowing Boat. East Coast.
Oil on canvas panel 30 x 30 cms

This picture has been in my studio at least two years waiting to slip from "nearly there" to "finished".
I painted the boat quickly and the sea. But then I thought it needed something else because there was a lot of empty space.
So it's had various incarnations, I've added a jetty, another boat, figures, all sorts, different sea but it never seemed right. I was on the verge of cutting the picture in half at one point, but that didn't seem the solution either.
What is really important in this picture is the boat and the pink reflections in the sea, and the feeling that there is only one rowing boat in the whole of this big wide sea.
So I gave in, and completed the sea at the top of the picture. I put it in a frame and this is the result. I'm quietly pleased because it says what I want it to say.


  1. This is a beautiful boat, I adore the blues and the feeling of being alone with the water. Its true, often the first gut feeling is what works best.

  2. You're right.Sometimes I over think!


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