Packaging Artwork for Posting.

I've had another order for a painting via the internet this week.
It's on occasions like this that I'm grateful my work isn't very big!
It still presents several challenges when posting though, not least of all packaging.
I paint on two different surfaces, canvas bonded onto board, and stretched canvas.
Packaging canvas on board.
For this I need a smooth barrier on the face of the painting, cellophane is good or glassine.
2 sturdy pieces of card ( mountboard will do) just a little bigger than the painting or one could be polystyrene foam board.
Bubble wrap.
Strong polythene postal bag.
Waterproof fibre tip pen.
I put the cellophane on the face of the painting, and lay it face down in the middle of the mountboard and tape  securely.
On the back goes the other piece of mountboard. It's taped it so there's a sandwich where the filling can't move. This should protect the corners.
Round it I put some bubble wrap and enclose it all in bubble wrap again and tape it up well. It all looks very cosy.
Then it's into the bag, making it fit as tight as possible, and taping where necessary with parcel tape.
Write on the bag with waterproof fibre tip pen. A label with your return address is also useful.
Packaging Stretched Canvas.
I use pretty much the same method but pack expanded polystyrene in the back of the painting between the stretchers as well.
Framed Paintings.
The method is virtually the same with special attention to corners.
Glazed Work.
Remove the glass and let the recipient put in glass at the other end. Honestly!
This method I've set down works well for my artwork that is no bigger than 40 x 40 cms.
I use Royal Mail and for original pieces ask for insurance and a trackable service.


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