It's Been a Good Day.

What makes a good day?
I'll tell you what.
Mary Kemp - Castle at Kinvarra, and Cliffs of Moher. Ireland.
A bit of sunshine, great music on the radio, and several hours spent in the studio.
Throw into that a chat with a friend on the phone while painting, plus nothing particularly domestic to do all day and I've reached the pinnacle of human happiness.
Today I got started on two pictures, atmospheric cliffs and sea, memories of a trip to Ireland. ( Has anyone seen Darby O'Gill and the Little People?)
I'm painting in two's again. Each uses the same palette of colours so it saves  on mixing, but also it keeps me in a constant mind set for both. But it could be said that I just multiply my errors. Actually looking at the photo I like both paintings together. The composition would make a good single picture.
Of course I might have got it completely wrong about how a brilliant day should go. Any thoughts on the subject would be much appreciated.
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  1. Sounds just about right to me. I'd probably throw in some nice weather so I could open a window and let the breeze in!


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