The Quest for the Perfect Picture Frame.

I keep searching for the perfect picture frame and on my journey I've come across quite a few that are almost there.
My criteria are simple.
It must make my painting look stunning.
It must be good looking itself but not so good looking as to detract from my art.
It must be tough, able to withstand a bit of handling.
Preferably lightweight.
It must be reasonably priced.

I have been exploring the internet recently and came up with two results.

Mary Kemp. Before the Picnic.
In bespoke frame
The first was where I ordered a beautiful bespoke picture frame. Delivered by courier in the most sturdy packaging I have ever seen!
It looks the business, and certainly seems tough. But it was expensive, and it is very heavy.

I wanted to try a cheaper option and went for Jacksons frame builder, a sort of diy option .
This was certainly a lot cheaper, a quarter of the cost of the ready made frame but not as luxurious. I think I will have to paint the frames if I don't want bare wood so that will add to the cost. It was easy to put together though and is quite light.
Jackson's diy frame. Work in progress.


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