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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Oh No! Not Another List of New Year Resolutions!

I am sitting in my studio. This seems to be the first quiet time I've had since before Christmas. I am truly blessed with wonderful family and friends which leads to a lot of celebrations and a copious amount of food and drink.
So New Year's resolutions of course include less food and drink.
I'll keep the family and friends thank you very much,
but what I really must do is DRAW EVERY DAY.
Drawing Kit.
 2 sketchbooks, pencil case full of...pencils.
Coloured pencils, sharpener, rubber etc.
I must also organise my time better and not get diverted from my reason for getting up in the morning.......painting (and of course family and friends).
I aim to get my work out there more. I have virtually finished the big inventory of my paintings so I have no excuses.
Onwards 2014 !!!

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