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Friday, 22 November 2013

If Only I'd Worn the Computer Glasses.

I know it sounds stupid but I visited the Cambridge Art Fair last week and didn't take the right glasses with me.
Let me explain. I've been short sighted all my life and now I'm long sighted as well. As a rule I get on fine out and about with bi focals, I can't get the hang of varifocals. For indoors , art work, cooking, computer work a pair of middle distance specs does the trick, but I rarely take them out with me, just something else to loose.
So when I went to the art fair, and later popped in to the Fitzwilliam Museum I was struggling to get the right distance from what I wanted to see plus the light was rubbish because it was a dull day and the lighting was all conservation biased.
How I long for sunny days and the great outdoors.
Mary Kemp - Poppy Field Last Summer.
Oil on canvas 30 x 30 cms.

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