Wish List for the Ideal Studio.

As Virginia Woolfe said "every woman needs a room of her own", or every artist needs a studio of their own.
Which got me thinking about the ideal studio, and this is the wish list I came up with.
My studio, not perfect but pretty good.
  • Close to home. Ideally walking distance, possibly in the garden, but for me not in the house because domestic life gets in the way of painting.
  • Plenty of bright clear light, either artificial if you must, or large windows for natural light. Many artists say north light but the brightness from a south facing window is useful as long as you can filter it with either blinds or paper.
  • Electricity.
  • The studio must be warm, but capable of a lot of ventilation in the summer.
  • Which brings me to good ventilation, you don't want to expire because you've inhaled too many chemicals.
  • It must be clean. Who does that is the difficult part.
  • It must be quiet or if it's not have only noises you want to hear, e.g. crashing waves, trees rustling in the breeze.
  • Easel, seat, table or flat surface, and storage.
Desirable but not Essential
  • So much space you could hold a party in it. I wish!
  • Telephone. Or you could use your mobile.
  • Internet and computer.
  • Running water. I would love this.
  • Comfy chair.
  • Mirror.
  • Radio.


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