Vibrant Acrylics by Hashim Akib

There are several books that I keep in my studio and this is one of them.
I don't often paint using acrylics, they dry when I am not looking.
But acrylic methodology can be useful for the oil painter, pushing you out of your comfort zone of careful painting . Also acrylic painters often operate in the realms of high colour even though acrylics are quite capable of subtle tones.
This book is a joy of vibrant colour, as it says on the cover.
It takes you through several exercises, producing a painting full of life at the end of each chapter. There is lots of broader advice, composition, materials, that sort of thing  and loads of inspiratonal encouragement.
The main thing I have learnt from this book is the use of strong coloured grounds in a painting. Having bright red or strong cobalt blue really peps a painting up.
I  bought this from Amazon, of course, as recommended by the Artist and Illustrators magazine.


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