Frank Auerbach

An insight into the everyday lives of renowed artists is always fascinating, especailly if you like to think of yourself as an artist too.
Frank Auerbach Head of EOW IV
National Gallery of Scotland
The one thing that that seems to stand out most is an absolute dedication to art leaving not a lot of room for anything else. Of course this could just be what they want us to believe, and it's really not all practice, practice, throw away ten pictures, keep one, don't stop for coffee and never ever hoover the living room. But I suspect hard work is the key after all!
In the Daily Telegraph I read an article about Frank Auerbach . And all he seems to do is paint.
I would put up a link to the article here but I couldn't make it work.
Auerbach is not one of my favourite artists, I can't cope with too much paint but his work in real life is striking and you don't have to like the work to admire it. He paints a handful of sitters over and over, so it is not a solitary life, just one that is quiet and safe and surrounded by friends.


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