Taking a Photograph of an Oil Painting with Lots of Black Shiny Areas.

I like to photograph my work and this particular picture presented me with a lot of problems. For a start it's long so I had to stand well back in order not to have the sides bow in, but most of all it's shiny and black shiny does not come out well in photos, it comes out as speckley grey.
Mary Kemp - Eastfield Allotment - oil on canvas 60 x 30cms
I used a polarising filter and took the photo out of direct sunlight but I'm not sure if I was very successful with this. I did photoshop it a bit too.
The black looks a lot blacker in real life. If the black were matte it would be a better photograph but I suspect not quite such an exciting picture.
It now resides at Art in the Heart in Peterborough.


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