Recipe for a Painting.

Damp forest floor with sun struggling to get through. Should I call it "Struggling Sun" or "Fetid Forest"? There have been several versions of this image, none of which I've been a hundred percent happy with. So I'm trying this for the umpteenth time with a broader approach, in the search for the Nirvana of paintings.
Here's the recipe so far:
Picture One. Mary Kemp . Forest Floor
Picture one; Primed canvas panel with image roughly drawn with HB pencil.
Sky roughly blocked in with a mixture of liquin thick medium, a small amount of spirit and white and Paynes grey oil paint. ( This mixture dries quickly and is quite shiny)
Trees were scumbled in with a mixture of Paynes grey and ivory black  plus a trace of ultramarine violet. Scumbles of cadmium red for the ferns and sap green for the leaves.
Picture Two. Mary Kemp. Forest Floor
Picture two; Most of the work I did at this stage was on the dark passages of the trees and forest floor using Paynes Grey, ultramarine violet and some alizarin crimson. I used a smaller brush and defined the shapes of the leaves and trees.


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