Such a Simple Way to Save Money for Artists.

No ! No ! No !
This tip is so simple, such a no brainer that I don't know why I don't do it every time I paint. 
But I get carried away in the moment , and there I go discarding lids right left and centre, dropping them on the floor, throwing them away with rags, letting them fall to the bottom of a box never to be seen again. If only I would put the lids back on tubes of paint, pots of paint, jars of primer, bottles of medium, bottles of spirit. And ideally wipe them first so they go on properly and seal. 
Then I wouldn't be digging out paint with a dodgey pallette knife or worse still cutting the tube in half using paint encrusted scissors.  I spend a  fortune on dried up materials that don't even make it onto the canvas.
From now on I will have a notice in my studio saying PUT THE LID ON !!!!


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