Norfolk Painting School

Being a starving artist I am a bit cautious about where I spend my money. I want value for money, which is why  after attending a very successful two day course a few years ago at the Norfolk Painting School of Martin Kinnear I decided it was time I invested some more of my hard earned cash in a few days of  training . 
The lessons I learnt from the first visit to the studio helped my work progress enormously so I came to the Light and Atmosphere three day course full of anticipation. And was not disappinted.
We worked hard, very hard. No standing around chatting, just detailed instruction , followed by painting with a definite purpose of a project to complete, each stage having been explained in detail.
After the three days I came away exhausted, my head full of loads of new information and four

Vanda - studio assistant.
pictures under my belt, two of which I quite liked. (The picture from my first course I sold  recouping my fees nicely)
I feel these three days have influenced my work no end. There was a lot of theoretical information which made sense of the methods and materials we were using. We were well fed, our pallettes were cleaned! and the atmosphere was business like and friendly. 
Thank you Martin for inspirational instruction, Jane for organising it all, Vanda for being a reassuring studio assistant and Lucy for fabulous lunches.


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