I Drew Lots of Boats - Badly !

I spent a lovely few days in Blakeney in Norfork on a sketching trip. I'm not sure if that's an accurate discription because a lot of walking and looking at galleries was done as well. And of course we talked and ate together and thoroughly enjoyed each others company.
Blakeney early morning.
I don't like to show off but I think I was one of the more enthusiastic sketchers, up at 5.30 one morning bathing in the early morning mist and sunshine.
Mary Kemp - Children Eating Picnic
Gel pen in sketch pad.
Although I went to draw boats (damn things, they're such peculiar shapes, and they keep moving) my favourite piece of work from the whole trip was this quick sketch of a group of school children who sat down right in front of us to eat their packed lunches.


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