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Saturday, 1 June 2013

How I Painted This Picture: Family Beach Scene Number 3

I think I'll give up naming each individual painting and just name the series. I've done quite a few family beach scenes. This is named Number 3, but it's not the third one I painted. It's just the third one I've retitled.
Mary Kemp - Family Beach Scene Number 3
Oil on canvas panel 30 x 30 cms
Anway, how I painted it.
Did the drawing, took the photos, thought about it.
Planned it out and drew on canvas panel.
Wash of pale purple acrylic.
Drew over the figures with a brush and raw umber acrylic.
Painted with oil paints putting it on with acrylic grade long flat brushes mostly. The beach I scumbled burnt siena over naples yellow ( after the yellow had dried) For flesh colour I used a pale venetian red and some pale burnt sienna. I wanted a feeling of endless days of youth.
You can find this picture for sale on Artfinder.

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