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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Taking Photos of Art Work

 A few days ago I thought I would do a scientific trial of the best circumstances to take photos of my paintings.
 It was a clear day, no breeze so I set up this experiment outside.
Part of the Experiment.
It involved taking photos at high resolution in sunlight and in shade. I used two cameras, a point and shoot Nikon Coolpix held together with parcel tape and my latest toy a Canon Powershot.
At first I took pictures using both cameras in full sunlight and in shade.
Then I took pictures with the Canon only, using a polarising filter, and then with the ultraviolet filter.
I was concerned about getting the white balance right and not seeing a grid pattern from the canvas.
The Nikon did not handle the colour well. The white was grey, although I could correct that using Gimp.
The Canon performed much better on colour.
On balance shooting in full light was best.
I couldn't see any real difference with the filters. I didn't get a grid pattern, but I think I had the angle right.
I will try outside on a cloudy day next, but indoor photography is a whole new ball game.

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