Nicholas Verrall - My Favourite Modern Day Painter

In the spring of 2011 I visited the Catto Gallery  in Hampstead expressly to see the works of Nicholas Verall.
Nicholas Verrall -

Cordes sur Ciel in the Spring

He's long been a favourite of mine ever since I borrowed a book by him called "Colour and Light in Oils" and subsequently bought a copy.

I was not disappointed when I saw his paintings for real and I greatly admire his handling of subjects and the way he brings out the lusciousness of the world. It is wonderful to see works that are superbly and thoughtfully crafted, not only is the vision beautiful but so is the execution. I love the purity of his colours and the seemingly effortlessness of his drawing.

Does that sound too star struck? Any way thank you Nicholas Verrall for your art!


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