Keeping Digital Files Safe. "Should Have backed Them Up"

One of my painting friends had her laptop and desktop computer stolen.
Mary Kemp - Four Yachts
With them went all her digital images.
"Should have backed them up."
I keep saying that, so now it's post Christmas quiet time that is what I aim to do.
I researched all this and there are several options.
First is the external hard drive. It's just a question of downloading to it. We've got one of those so that's a start, but it could get stolen as well or destroyed in a fire, so I think online is a better bet.
Picassa to me seems the best site. You can upload images in most formats, even raw images, and download them the same, which for hi resolution images is optimum. There is a maximum capacity, fairly high, but you can buy more space, but of course if you forget to pay your subs you've lost out.
Flikr is quite good, restricted capacity again, and doesn't support raw images.
There's also Google Cloud, but I haven't worked that one out yet.
Snapfish also stores images as long as you buy at least one print a year.
So I'm off to download images of my great works of art onto Picassa.


  1. That is too bad. Desktops are a convenience, in a sense that you can readily look into your files without being connected to any online device; so I can understand the why some people tend to just leave their written and art materials in there. But this isn't the time to be too lax, as hardware is proven to be increasingly fallible. Better plot for contingencies and go with cloud storage, then.

    Katherine @ 1iX

  2. So far I've gone for external drive, a flash drive and some cloud storage as well. Belt and braces, Katherine.


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