New Way to Buy My Art. I Try to Make It Easy For You !

Mary Kemp - Hunstanton Cliffs
I have just opened an Etsy shop . I've been trading for a while on Etsy with my fantasy art so I'm having a go with the more serious work, mainly my seaside paintings , but of course whatever I paint.
The process of posting stuff online is not as simple as it seems.
There's a lot of photographing to be done , then editing.
 Then you have to think of something to say about your painting, and if you're not a copy writer it's not easy. "I thought this boat would make a nice picture" will not do.
But it does make you think about your art.
I wish I could just paint and not do so much on the computer side, but even before the time of computers there were other things to do to publicise your art, and they took up a lot more time.


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