Buckenham Gallery, Southwold.

Blustery Southwold
Last week combined, with a lovely seaside break in blustery weather conditions, I took some paintings of beach scenes down to Southwold in Suffolk to the Buckenham Gallery in the High Street for their Christmas show which commences next month.
It's a friendly gallery spread over three floors and has a tasty tea room attached.
Buckenham Gallery Southwold
There's a programme of ever changing exhibitions and art works for sale and is a delight to spend time in.

On another level it amazes me how different a place can look in the summer and in the winter. When I first  painted at Southwold it was all gentle pale blue seas and people strolling down the pier. This time there were howling winds, figures fighting to stay upright, no children with their mums, just determined dog walkers and mad holiday makers. I loved the calm and peace of the summer, but I also find the wildness I have just witnessed exhilarating.


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