Which Palette for Acrylic Paint?

When I paint with acrylics they annoy me. They look beautiful oozing out of the tube, glistening and new, full of promise. They're fabulous when you first put them on the canvas, so painterly, so yummy!

And then the damn things dry, just when you're getting into doing something with it. And they stay on your hands for ages, and won't wipe off.

Yes, I know about retarder, but that dilutes it. It's just not right.

I really wanted to write about palettes for acrylics.
Mary Kemp - palettes for acrylics.

1. "Stay Wet Palette" - Goes mouldy, dilutes the colours, and all the colours can run together
2. Round, deep palette and cling film -  Looks very arty and holds lots of colour, but can be wasteful and it still dries out.
3. White ceramic tile - For single colours this is the best option. Mix the colour, use it.

What I really mean is I prefer oil paint.


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