It's Not All "Get Out of Bed, Paint!"

Painting Day Routine :
Wake up - Tea.
Shower etc.
Feed cats.
Mary Kemp - Cley Windmill  - Unfinished
(That's at least an hour)
Occasionally miss shower, cats and breakfast and paint with painting clothes over my jim jams.

Down to the studio.
If it's cold put the heater on.
Put radio 4 on.
Think about painting.
Lay out colours and stuff.
Tidy studio.
Think about painting.
At the moment I have 4 paintings on the go plus ones I'm waiting for the right solutions to.
Paint until lunchtime, interspersed with tea and coffee.
At lunchtime domestic life kicks in, so I attend to that.
Might paint for another hour or two in the afternoon.
Exciting life ?????


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