Ready to Paint

This morning I am ready to paint. Lots of things to finish off. It's very hot so I might not last very long.
Here I have:
Tear off palette. Very waxy and pleasant to work on, and you can just discard when you've finished. I often cover with clingfilm, and then at the next session scrape off the paint to a new page.
Scissors. For cutting off the bottom of tubes of paint that have got bunged up.
Kitchen roll. Obvious, but rags are better, old tea towels especially.
Palette knife.
Lots of brushes, I like pro arte size 0 and 2 very much. They're supposed to be for acrylic mainly, but they suit the way I work.
Latex gloves. Protect my delicate hands. I use them for most painting, but when I have to do fine brush work I take them off.
Paint. A mixture of different brands of oil paints there. I sometimes mix alkyd in with them as they take less time to dry.


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