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Last Painting of 2012. Happy New Year !

Keeping Digital Files Safe. "Should Have backed Them Up"

A Whole New Experience - Painting on Lana Vanguard Paper


Christmas is Nearly Here. Behold the Poinsettia!

The Swing by Fragonard

Beat Those Winter Blues with Bright Watercolours.

Sparkle and Spin at Peterborough Museum.

Cley Windmill - Recipe for a Painting

Nicholas Verrall - My Favourite Modern Day Painter

Apple Trees in the Winter - Proposed Painting.

New Way to Buy My Art. I Try to Make It Easy For You !


Grace the Dog Makes Another Appearance

Music to Paint By.

My Other Life Involves Dragons

An Artist's Work is Never Done! Prints of my Beach Scenes for Art in the Heart - Peterborough

Wonderful Watercolour !

Louise Stebbing of Skylark Studios

It's All Possible

Some Graphics Programmes I Have Known

My Website..!!!!

Sparkly Seas and Light

Buckenham Gallery, Southwold.

The Use of Photography as an Aid to Painting.

Frames for Oil paintings.

Wreck In Stagnant Water - Recipe for this Painting.

An Afternoon at Art In the Heart, Peterborough.

One Dog is Just Not Enough !

Hurrah ! It's Monday.

Peek Inside the Studio

Peek at my Studio.

Welland Valley Art Society Autumn Exhibition.

Recipe for a Watercolour Sketch.

Two Dogs on the Beach.

The Start of a Sunset Painting , Blakeney.

It's Not All "Get Out of Bed, Paint!"

Peterborough City Gallery Open Exhibition.

You've Just Got to Draw. Pages from my sketch book

I Think I'm Having a Manga Moment !