5 New Things I've Tried This Year

Well I seem to have tried quite a few new things this year, and for someone who's unadventurous that is very impressive.
These are my 5 arty new things.
Of course none of them beats my climb up Snowdon in 2016 (what, I haven't told you about that?!!!) but they've made the year interesting and enjoyable all the same.

  • I've discovered you can paint with oils on paper.
    mary kemp happy ever after
    © Mary Kemp
    I might call this "Happy Ever After"
    Not breath taking but I've always stuck to board or canvas so  it's quite something. And while I'm on the subject I incorporated some fabric into a painting of the waves. I'm still assessing that.
  • Watched an animated film that wasn't Disney. Now this was quite amazing. I bludgeoned my husband into coming to the cinema with me and we saw "Loving Vincent" the world's first fully oil painted animated film. Here's a link to watch a little preview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47h6pQ6StCk . As well as the gorgeousness of the painting the plot was pretty good too! I do urge you to watch it if you have the chance.
  • Dabbled in lino cutting. Our local museum held a lino cutting
    mary kemp lino cuttings
    I seem to repeat the same
    few subjects,
    animals and children
    at the seaside
    © Mary Kemp
    workshop, something I've not done since art school so off I went. It was an enjoyable few sessions and ably led by artist
    Janet Bates but what I learnt was that not everything is for me, because while I absolutely loved the process and wanted to do more my hands let me down big time. Perhaps I need to do more squeezing rubber balls to get the fingers moving. I think swishing a paintbrush comes easier to me.

 I visited Morecambe and stayed in an Art Deco hotel.

Oh I know how to live! I went on a motoring jolly to celebrate 70 years of the Citroen DS.
I also did a little bit of drawing. Not of cars I may add.
© Mary Kemp. Sketch

Created a new website. This is the most difficult, brain wrenching thing I've done all year. I found that whilst I can grasp the essentials of such things the implementation takes an awful lot of time so it's a work in progress. But please do check it out. Still at the same address www.marykemp.co.uk

So seaside friends what does next year hold for us all?....
The adventure starts here.......


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