Small Paintings Versus Large.

Dear Seaside Friends,

I am a small person, at least next to the rest of my family who are all taller than me (except the one year old grandchild), so I like things petite and delicate.
You can understand that to me a small painting is a delight, especially as it is often an immediate response to the things and scenes around me.  And of course a small painting is a way of owning original art for not a lot of money.

But I also adore a big picture, the sweep of a large composition, and the excitement of a plan coming together, because believe me a big painting needs a lot of planning.

Then of course there's the all important question of where you're going to hang your art. If your wall is full of family photos there's no space to hang a gigantic landscape, but a small perfectly formed oil painting? now that will look good.

Here's the two paintings I'm working on at the moment, both almost complete. They're at the stage where I think they're almost finished, but I need to put them away for a few days and then look again to make sure.

To be honest I'm feeling pretty good about the pair at the moment........ but I'd love to hear your thoughts, (in the comments box below) and whether you prefer a large or small painting.

Best wishes


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