The Jaunty Tail of Grace the Border Collie.

Just when I think I've come to the end of a series of paintings another idea hops into my mind!
Grace the border collie is as varied as Cleopatra and quite as beautiful so it was no wonder that after a jolly day out at the seaside earlier on in the year another painting or two hit the canvas.
"Jaunty Tail"
© Mary Kemp
Oil on canvas panel.

We'd gone over to the Norfolk coast, us and the rest of the population of East Anglia, and Grace had been so good and patient stuck in the traffic.
We managed to get parked, and all hot and sweaty decamped onto the beach.
Whoosh! Grace was off, being sociable with whoever she could find, then haring off to an empty part of the beach, and then back again. Is there no end to her energy? It seems not.

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